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Praise for Silicone by Carlos Meza 

Breast implants take center stage in fast-paced thriller that explores the seedier side of medicine and the public danger that lurks within perilous but common treatments and devices 

silicone“Brenda was comatose. Jordan took a moment to examine the chest X-rays, noting the multiple rib fractures. She frowned when she followed the contours of the patient’s breast implants with her right index finger.”

~ Excerpt from Silicone


Are breast implants safe? What are the risks? Does the public know everything it needs to in order to make responsible, safe choices? Are greater powers at work that limit – deliberately – what prospective patients know?

Silicone, the new medical thriller by author/physician Carlos Meza, takes readers on a riveting exploration of these provocative and timely issues from the perspective of an author uniquely poised to both engage and educate.

A Medical Mystery Novel

The protagonist in Silicone is Jordan Hamilton, a brilliant immunologist who works at a major teaching hospital in Sacramento, California. When a young woman dies during a routine operation to remove her ruptured breast implants, Jordan realizes the victim reacted to a deadly element in silicone. When more women die, Jordan is determined to find the explanation. What follows is a whirlwind tale of power, medicine, politics, and greed that takes readers from a prestigious hospital to the sordid world of drug distribution, human trafficking, and unsecured borders. In Silicone, the very basest of human failings abound, but so do heroism, courage, and resilience.

“I evaluated many women with silicone implants during my allergy and immunology fellowship,” says Meza. “My conclusion is plain: we must always be on guard to protect the public from dangerous treatments and devices. Silicone shows just how bad the outcomes can be when we fail to do so.”

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